Venezuelan Canadian Society of BC

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Frequently asked Questions

Members in good standing are eligible to vote and participate in our Society’s activities and events. They can also be elected to our Board of Directors.

To become a member, simply fill out the application form in the Join The Team page.  Payment must be included.

In the near future, we are hoping that members will also be able to enjoy discounts throughout our store as well as local partners and sponsors.

Registered Members will get priority booking for our paid events and enjoy preferencial pricing for those as well.

We work directly and indirectly with many organizations in Canada and abroad to help improve the conditions of many affected by the Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela.

The most up-to-date listing of these organizations is found at:

VCSBC goes through an internal selection process wherein they select a number of organizations to work with each year.

The selection process is simple and it is roughly outlined as follows:

  1. A list of organizations is proposed for the consideration of the Board of Directors
  2. The Board selects a target number of  organizations to support for that year
  3. Selection criteria can vary from year to year based on VCSBC’s Goals and Objectives (G&Os) as well as past experiences
    1. Often the selection criteria includes items such as:
      1. Which organizations need our help the most (in comparison to the others)
      2. Which organizations will help us have greater positive impact
      3. Which organizations have worked out well for us in the past
      4. Which organizations did not meet our expectations in the past
      5. Which organizations already  receive assistance from other places
      6. Which ones rely on our assistance for a significant portion of their funding
  4. The Board debates the merits of each proposed organization and if, or how, they align to VCSBC’s G&Os
  5. A primary election is made to narrow down the selection to a few candidates
  6. Following round of elections are made as needed to further narrow down the candidates until the target number of organizations is reached
  7. If possible, a target funding goal might also be stated (though this has been difficult to predict during COVID-19 times)

If you would like to have your organization, campaign, or idea supported by VCSBC, send us a note via our Contact Us Form and we will have someone reach out to you to provide us more information.

Please include your name and organization or campaign idea as well as the means to contact you back.

All of our events, including fundraising ones, are listed in our Events Page

We do not have a physical location – Please reach us via social media or the contact form if you need to send us anything via post mail.


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