Venezuelan Canadian Society of BC

Help Us, Help Them

Yes, I want to support the society so it can continue to help others

Why donate to VCSBC?

By donating directly to VCSBC, you will allow us to continue operating and helping all these organizations below.

The funds received will be use to pay for the costs associated with running the website such as web hosting and registration, payment of transaction fees, annual licenses, etc.  You also allows us to produce more events and, in turn, raise more funds.  You allow continuing operations and fulfill our Mission & Vision.

By helping us, you allows us to continue helping them.

donate to each campaign directly *

This section will be updated soon after our AGM

* A transaction fee, charged by the payment processing provider, will be deducted from your donation.  The remaining funds will be donated directly to the organization(s) selected.

VCSBC will not keep any funds when donating directly to these campaigns or organizations.


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