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Yes, I want to support the society so it can continue to help others

Why donate to VCSBC?

By donating directly to VCSBC, you will allow us to continue operating and helping all these organizations mentioned in our We Help Others page

The funds received will be use to pay for the costs associated with running the website such as web hosting and registration, payment of transaction fees, annual licenses, etc.  You also allows us to produce more events and, in turn, raise more funds.  You allow continuing operations and fulfill our Mission & Vision.

By helping us, you allows us to continue helping them.

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You can learn more about the organizations we have helped at our We Help Others page

donation FAQs

If a donation is made to a specific organization or campaign,  VCSBC will not keep any funds.

If a donation is made directly to VCSBC, we will use those funds to purchase the equipment necessary to run more fundraising events and fund our operating and administrative costs throughout the year.

A transaction fee is charged by the payment processing provider for all donations made online and will be deducted from your donation before reaching the beneficiaries.

VCSBC goes through an internal selection process wherein they select a number of organizations to work with each year.

The selection process is simple and it is roughly outlined as follows:

  1. A list of organizations is proposed for the consideration of the Board of Directors
  2. The Board selects a target number of  organizations to support for that year
  3. Selection criteria can vary from year to year based on VCSBC’s Goals and Objectives (G&Os) as well as past experiences
    1. Often the selection criteria includes items such as:
      1. Which organizations need our help the most (in comparison to the others)
      2. Which organizations will help us have greater positive impact
      3. Which organizations have worked out well for us in the past
      4. Which organizations did not meet our expectations in the past
      5. Which organizations already  receive assistance from other places
      6. Which ones rely on our assistance for a significant portion of their funding
  4. The Board debates the merits of each proposed organization and if, or how, they align to VCSBC’s G&Os
  5. A primary election is made to narrow down the selection to a few candidates
  6. Following round of elections are made as needed to further narrow down the candidates until the target number of organizations is reached
  7. If possible, a target funding goal might also be stated (though this has been difficult to predict during COVID-19 times)

If you would like to have your organization, campaign, or idea supported by VCSBC, send us a note via our Contact Us Form and we will have someone reach out to you to provide us more information.

Please include your name and organization or campaign idea as well as the means to contact you back.


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