Venezuelan Canadian Society of BC

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Community Service

Supporting the venezuelan community in british columbia


Our Events

We host events throughout the year aimed at showcasing Venezuelan culture and fostering community integration.

Most events are for all ages and free admission (or by donation).  As a non-profit,  we do have a few events priced fairly to allow us to recover the costs of putting it together.  We focus on showcasing Venezuelan talent whenever possible.

If you have an idea, or would like to help us on our next event, please contact us via our online contact form.

Upcoming Events

Who We Are

In a few words, we are Venezuela in BC.

We are a group of dedicated volunteers with love for their native land and a passion for helping others.

We are mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandparents and ALL children of an amazing country.  We are also blessed and thankful to be living in Canada.

We are siblings of the foam, the herons, the roses, and the sun!

What We Do


— We Contribute

We help our communities and work with other NGOs locally in BC and in Venezuela to provide much needed assistance to those in need.

We also contribute to the enrichment of multiculturalism in Canada.


— We Build Networks

At our yearly events, entrepreneurs and small businesses are able to reach out to the community, and to each other, creating a networks of contacts for their businesses.

We help facilitate integration to the labour market via networking during our events.


— We Strengthen

It is often said that there is strength in numbers.  By providing common services and events to our members, we offer gathering opportunities to unite our members and strengthen our voices; to act as one and be part of our communities.


— We Educate

Many recent immigrants know little about where to find the information they seek, we offer help to assist them with finding that information.

We also provide our communities with some awareness of the critical humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, which has become the main driver of many of our activities and fundraising events.


— We Promote

We promote Venezuelan culture, identity, and folklore through our various programs, community services, and events.

We promote Venezuelan values and traditions as well as learning of the Spanish language in British Columbia.

We promote multiculturalism in all communities of this beautiful province called British Columbia.


— We Have Fun

We always aim to make all our events a fun-filled activity.

We enjoy seeing the smiles in our volunteers, members, and collaborators.  In knowing that a job well-done can be fun, we encourage active participation and involvement in our local communities.

Impact Stories

Ms. Fabiana - Founder and Director at SunRisas

This [donation] was enough money to pay for one month of antibiotics for 25 children at the children’s hospital “J.M. de los Rios”

Ms. Patricia — Buses of Hope

Thank you to the Venezuelan Canadian Society of BC for organizing a great day and to the wonderful volunteers.

Today we completed a wire transfer for CAD $822.  Funds will reach (as food staples for hungry Venezuelan migrants) the “Chamos Unidos Ecuador” and “1000 Sonrisas para Venezuela” groups via “Fundación Maria Gracia”

in collaboration with


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