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The sweetest way of reinventing yourself in Canada

With a smile on her face, Natalia Brocks says that she changed “the plants for sugar flowers”. Around 13 years ago she came to British Columbia, she hanged the Agronomy Engineering Degree and she decided to used her talent in bakery to contribute with her home income.

“You need to be open to new possibilities, because you never know where you will find a great opportunity. Being yourself you can find the way that you’ve been looking for or maybe the way that you never imagine, like what happen to me”. She says.

Although during years Natalia was the official baker for the family and friends events in Venezuela, the success that’s she’s had in Canada comes as a surprise for her. “I’ve always had that artistic feature inside but since I liked baking I had the opportunity to do several courses and one thing let to another, I had this marvellous door open to teach how to decorate cakes” she says.

When she was very little, she developed that interest for what happens when you mix a cup of flour a dash of salt and a splash of vanilla, while watching her grandma Bárbara hard at work baking. “ she was always patient to guide me and teach me so many thing” she tells us.

Once in Vancouver, Natalia did a course in Wilton, and the desserts she elaborated were so original and delicious that she was asked to stay as an instructor along with an official certificate of a Wilton Method Instructor. “So far In less than 3

years I’ve had more than a thousand students of all ages. It’s wonderful to share your knowledge and talent for helping and teaching others”

The “maracayera” with Russian roots has become famous for her alfajores, multicolor frosting cupcakes, and her lovely cakes with sweet and fluffy cartoons, roses that seem so real you couldn’t believe you can eat them, and big fondant bows. How ever in our community we also know her because of her tasty, delicate and generously stuffed pan de jamón that she makes during Christmas time. “It’s something that fills me with pride and satisfaction” she tells.

Around these days Natalia teaches Posh Pantry in Hastings st. And in three other Michael’s locations such as: Broadway, Alberni and West Vancouver. Since her schedule changes depending on the day and time the best way to stay in the loop is by visiting her Facebook page, Natycakes.

This entrepreneur also has the blog where she shares with her followers step by step recipes for her sugary creations.


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