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A Canadian who fell in love with Venezuela!

By Edgar Sánchez

When Addison Hubert, a renowned businessman of White Rock learned that the Venezuelan women’s softball team could not attend this year the XV World Baseball and Softball Championship (WBSC) to be held in Surrey, BC; he felt very sad and he decided to provide all financial resources and support to bring the full delegation.

You may wonder why a man like Addison wanted to bring our girls? Well … beyond his sympathy by sports and being a softball fan, he is a charitable man with a great heart for humanity. While talking to Addison, he told us that while travelling to Venezuela in 2010 to Margarita Island he was impressed by our natural beauty, traditional cuisine and our wonderful people, so he wanted to come back to Venezuela every year. Since then, Addison increasingly became more interested about the current situation of our country and he promised himself that he could help and contribute to people in dire need.

Addison has made 16 trips to Venezuela in the last 6 years bringing help to the community. His help and the contributions are made directly to a church in El Junquito, which is responsible for delivering them to those who are in need. Besides, Addison built a Dance Academy next to the Church to promote traditional dances among children in the community.

There have been many economic contributions and there have been many smiles and blessings for his goodness, love and perseverance. Addison has earned the appreciation of all those around him and he has become in other Venezuelan who laughs, cries and yearns for a soon change. Every end of the year he travels to Venezuela to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with the Community and his new adoptive family.

In 2016, the Venezuelan women’s softball team came, played and excelled at the World Championship in Surrey and they moved into the world ranking from the 19th position to the 6th position. Taking into consideration this result and team’s performance, we can see that behind the appreciation and motivation of the team there is a generous and philanthropic man who loves Venezuela, his other homeland!


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