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Cleopatra Pérez: Accept That You’re Starting Over

By Valentina Ruiz Leotaud. Translated by Genevieve Ayukawa. If you have ever gone to any event hosted by the Venezuelan Canadian Society of BC (VCSBC) and have heard someone leading like a dynamo, it is most likely Cleopatra Perez. Continuously making jokes – like a good Venezuelan – the popular

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Bryan Leon: Sports and Immigration

By Valentina Ruiz Leotaud / Translation by Erika Sanabria M. Just like any other teenager who’s passionate about their hobby, Bryan Leon is almost always talking about speed skating. His words however, are also a metaphor of something many of us experienced when we emigrated. “The most valuable thing I’ve

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Alexandra Giannopoulos – A kindergarten with venezuelan vibes

Written by Valentina Ruiz Leotaud /  Translated by Erika Sanabria M Alexandra landed in Vancouver in 1997, after being way too cold in Moosonee, a town in Ontario that only has 1,725 inhabitants and is better known as “the Gateway to the Arctic” She was in Canada’s mean north for about

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Hector Rivas: The Venezuelan who makes Vancouver laugh

By Valentina Ruiz Leotaoud / Translated by Genevieve Ayukawa His tips for happiness when it comes to re-focusing your career: Be mature Be clear about where you come from – both in terms of nationality and in terms of your professional training Take the change and challenges with a grain of

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Music Vs Autism: a path to integration

By Daywuy Mejias / Translated by Carlos Cabello It is well known to us all that the pleasant effect of music can transcend our mood. When we hear some melody knows our body sends immediate answers that take us to specific places, people, situations or feelings; It causes us to

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Sofia Sanchez: Belly dance with Venezuelan swing

By Valentina Ruiz Leotaud / Translation Carlos Cabello Sofía Sánchez Bujosa, barely 21, has a long stretch in Vancouver and some other places. Since little girl she loves dance, so her parents decided to put her in classes while still living in Caracas. As Sofia stood out, Jenny and Edgar

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Live doing what you Love: LuiFox

By Valentina Ruiz Leotaud / Translated into English by Alexandra Cruz A. Luis Guiterrez, better known in the Latin community by his artistic name LuiFox, is a Venezuelan with over two decades of experience in Canada. Our habitués to the VCSBC picnic, Latin parties and the like, are well familiarized with

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